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Ashford and District Rifle Club’s Airgun Section meets each and every Monday commencing at 5pm and finishing at 9pm.  Modern pre-charged air rifles and air pistols are available for use by new members, in both left- and right-hand configurations, and ammunition is also available.  

Suitable competition rifles and pistols are expensive and it is important that new shooters are sure they want to take up this challenging sport before spending their money on their own equipment. This is one of the reasons for a 6 month probationary period.  Existing members are always ready and willing to advise new shooters. One to one tuition is given to new members until they are considered competent and safe.

There are essentially two main disciplines – shooting both rifles and pistols from a standing position at 10m and shooting rifles from a seated position at 25m (known as benchrest).  Air rifles and pistols may seem quite heavy for juniors so new younger members often begin from a seated position at 10m.

New members are encouraged to record their progress by keeping a note of their scores over the weeks and months and eventually to enter competitions when they feel they are competent enough, although there is no compulsion to enter competitions.  All competitions are “squaded” so each competitor is always shooting against others at a similar level of competency.

Airgun Section

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